Accounting (Indonesia Adaptation) 4th Edition Vol 2

Accounting (Indonesia Adaptation) 4th Edition Vol 2

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ISBN : 978-979-061-749-0
Penulis : Warren | Reeve | Duchac | Suhardianto |Devi K. | Amir A.J. | Chaerul D.D.
Tahun : 2018
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Ukuran : 21 cm x 28 cm x 0 cm
Halaman : 514
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Welcome to the Accounting Indonesia Adaptation 4th Edition Volume 2. This book is adapted from the famous textbook Accounting 26th edition by Warren, Reeve, and Duchac. By adopting this book in to Indonesian context, this book will provide you with rigour learning experience in financial accounting as well as understanding the Indonesian business environment.
Key features - New Chapter Openers employ examples of familiar companies and provide invaluable insight in to real practice. - PSAK Insights introduces the latest Indonesian Accounting Standards. This feature highlight the differences or similarities of PSAK and the topics being discussed. - Business Connection shows Indonesian accounting case studies. - International Connection explains the connection between IFRS and PSAK. - Financial Analysis and Interpretation highlights accounting figures of familiar Indonesian companies. - Exercise and Problems are given in Indonesia context.