“1000 books 1 school”

1000 Buku 1 Sekolah (1ooo books for 1 school) is a nonprofit-movement of giving books for schools and public libraries for rural people in Borneo, Indonesia.
Why giving books? We have very strong reason behind that. All came from our own sad experiences as rural borneo’s children:  no books available even in our school (only limited and used text book on there), no place to borrow itno store to buy it. What do you think, if we said, ‘to get a book, any kind of book, we have to go to city where books store available,’ and that means hundreds kilometres, days of trip (minimum 3 days), and cost much money (millions rupiah). So, we were generation without books: no book reading activities in our child time. That sad story continues untill we finished our high school.
But, sadly, that story still continues today. The scarcity of books in rural borneo still unsolvable: no public library around and books collection in school is less than it should be. 1000 books for 1 school movement then established to help students and peoples at rural area in Borneo, Indonesia, having an access to read many books than before. “If not now, when, and if not us, who?”

Books donation to SD Mantar, a rural school in remote area of East Kalimantan, Indonesia.

Join with us
You are welcome to join with us with “1000 books 1 school.” Any help will be great help for children and people in rural Borneo, Indonesia. Just contact us.
You can donate any kind of books or magazine that you have, in bahasa or english, except porn, to: 1000buku 1 sekolah, C6/21 (Ambalat), Grand Tamansari, Samarinda Seberang, Samarinda, Kalimantan Timur, Indonesia. 
You can also donate with your fresh-money. Every Rp 50,000,- (fifty thousand rupiah) or 6 US$ is pro quo with one book. Your name will be stamped in book that will be delivered to school. Account Number 0626-01-010731-50-6 (Bank Rakyat Indonesia, or BRI), name of the account: RULITA SASKIA.
Books categorized for children and teen will be donated to SD/SMP/SMA/SMK (All School Grades) in rural Borneo, Indonesia. Books that categorized for adult will be donated to public library.

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